Pulse-Bac model PB-550H is a HEPA Certified Vacuum with a dual HEPA filtration system that has a filter fractional efficiency rating of 99.99% @.3 micron at a CFM flow rate up to 140. The 550H model comes standard with Pulse-Bac® Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology, our Cyclonic Debris Management system, two HEPA H-13 filters, one HEPA Certified Filter, tank inspection windows and a 15’ x 1 ½” crush proof self locking vacuum hose. An optional automatic tool start is also available.

The 550H can be used for general clean up of dry hazardous materials and debris,  like Lead, Asbestos, Silica, Vermiculite and more, but is designed to capture dust generated by hand held power tools and surface preparation equipment. The PB-550H is compliant with EPA RRP standards and can be used in the clean up of lead, asbestos and silica. Our revolutionary design in vacuum filtration automatically flushes the filters clear while you work, using only ambient air and vacuum. This patented technology stops the filters from facing with dust or debris and clogging during operation. Maintain peak performance with NO BLOWERS, SHAKERS, COMPRESSORS or BUTTONS to push. Just turn it on and go to work, Pulse-Bac® technology does the rest.

CDCLarue™ HEPA Certified vacuums meet and exceed EPA and OSHA regulation, utilizing a sealed, dual HEPA filtration system, capable of capturing 99.99% of dust particles at .3 micron. CDCLarue HEPA certified filters are individually tested, serialized, and exceed the standard for HEPA filtration when working with hazardous materials like Lead, Asbestos and Silica.

The compact design of the 550 and 550H vacuums doesn’t limit their power, it just gives them greater portability. Built in casters positioned at the bottom of the tank make it easy to go upstairs, and at just 30 lbs, the collapsible handle make moving these vacuums easy.

CDCLarue™ delivers a secured hose connection with our self locking 1.5″ inlet. The vacuum hose securely fits inside the inlet and a twist lock helps to ensure the hose does come loose or get pulled out when in use.

CDCLarue™ tank inspection window allows you to see just how much dust and debris is inside the tank, and allows you to watch the dust being pulsed off the filters. Your friends will be amazed and will want to know where you got that!

CDCLarue™ Automatic Tool Start feature will start the vacuum for you when you start your tool.  Plug your tool into the Automatic Tool Start inlet and switch the power button to auto.  When you start your tool, the vacuum will automatically turn on. Once you turn your power tool off, the vacuum will continue to run for an additional 3 seconds, giving the vacuum time to clear the hose of any dust and debris, and then the vacuum will shut off.

Pulse-Bac® Cyclonic Debris Management system comes standard on all vacuum tanks, extenders and per-separators. Our exclusive CDM systems works in unison with our pulsing technology and prevents upwards of 90% of dust and debris from ever reaching the filter. The CDM system stops dust and debris from constantly cycling up to the filters and holds it at the bottom of the tank until discarded.