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Pride comes with knowing how things work, and with over 40 years of experience in our pocket, we can surely show you how it's done.  Have a big project coming up and not sure what equipment you will need to get the job done?  No problem, our staff is willing and ready to help guide you to succes and you'll have our support until the end.


financial services

Your credit score does not determine your eligibility for financing, it only determines whom we process your information with.  We are on a secure server and your information is 100% safe and do not share our information with sources outside our network.


quote requests

Can't find equipment, tools or parts on our online inventory?  Well that's okay, because we have more than we can show online, and if we don't have it in our inventory - rest assured we know where to source what you need.  Forget the tireless search, let us do the work and get you the best possible price you can (or can't) find.


servicing & repairs

No matter if you bought your equipment or tools from us, we are ready and willing to be your service and repair provider.  Our expert mechanics are certified to work on the equipment you need to keep operational.  Don't delay or miss a day - we can often get you repaired and operation within hours.



The key to success is more than just getting the job done, it's getting it done safely and efficiently.  Get yourself certified and  up-to-speed with our training courses.  Experience a more efficient and safer work environment with ease of mind that comes with proper training.